Penis tucking

So you want to keep your penis but be a beautiful girl – how does that work? This is where ‘tucking’ and its cousin ‘taping’ come in – these are methods for hiding your penis so that it doesn’t visibly bulge in your underpants.

The first step in both techniques is to push your testicles into your body. This is tricky at first, and a hot bath may help, but simply involves popping them upwards, back along the route they took out of the body. Once this is done, you’ll need to perform the next steps without letting them drop again.

For tucking: with the testicles out of the way, push the penis back past where the testicles were, then put a hand round behind and pull the penis back between your legs so that it hides snugly in your bottom crease. You’ll need some super-tight underpants on to hold the penis in place, but once they’re on you’ll have a bulge-free groin.

For taping: with the scrotum empty, pull it up around the shaft of the penis so that it wraps up around it, then tape the scrotum firmly in place. The testicles should now be trapped inside your body. Next, pull the penis back between your legs so that it rests snugly in your bottom crease. Making sure to stretch the skin as far back as possible, tape the foreskin to both bottom cheeks. This method requires a lack of hair on the surfaces being stuck and may be uncomfortable for some, but it is more secure, doesn’t require tight underpants, and even allows you to pee sitting down. Strong surgical adhesive tape is best.


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